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            MEDICAL EXPO 2016

            Expo Date: Nov 18,2016  -  Nov 20,2016
            Venue: Plus Convention Hall
            Location: Plus Convention Hall
            City: Vijaywada
            Country: India
            Topic: MEDICAL EXPO 2016
            Organizer: Shiny Trade Events & Exhibitions
            Date Posted: Oct 12,2016
            IIME-AP Offer Your Know-how and your innovation on a red platform exchanges. Develop a distribution network for your products and technology
            Develop Leading Partnership with the local operators
            Revitalize your brand image. Enhance your fame and strengthen your presence on the market
            This Platform Create An opportunity to exchange when the supply and demand are mixed
            Network and Interact with industry leaders and increase your market shares.
            Establish Links with medical facilitator’s two operators, Insurance Corporation and information Centre’s

            Hospital Design &Construction
            Hospital Equipment &Technology
            Building Automation & Facility
            Surgical Instruments
            Hospital Furnitures &Beds
            Healthcare IT Solution
            ICU Equipment
            Hospital Waste Managemrnt&Recycling
            Laboratory Equipment
            Radiology Equipment
            Hospital Disposables
            OT Equipment
            Pathology Equipment
            Refregeration & Air Conditioning
            Medical Gas& HVAC
            Telemedicine Services
            Dental Products
            House Keeping Solutions
            Rehafilitation Products
            Electrical &Lighting Solutions
            Endoscopy Equipment
            Healthcare Consultants
            Laundry Equipment
            Life Support Systems
            Patient Monitoring Systems
            Physiotherapy and Orthopaedics
            Wound Care Products
            Refurbished Equipment
            Medical Technologies
            Hospital /Health Centers
            Medical Electronics
            Home Medical Electronics
            Medical Clothing
            Patient Aids
            Anesthesia Products
            Cardiology Equipment
            Child,Infant and baby care
            E.NT Instruments &Hearing Aids
            Fittness Products
            Gynacological Products
            Blood Bank Equipment
            Hospital Garments &Curtains
            Beauty care
            Autoclave Equipments
            Ophtatnic Instruments
            Slimming Equipments
            Section Units
            Stethoscope &B.P Apparators
            Surgical tools and others goods
            Rescue and Emergency Equipment
            Communication Equipment
            Financial & Health Insurance Service
            Accreditation Agencies
            Hospital Statting Service
            Accereditation Agencies
            Cctv,Fire Protection and Security systems
            Elevators and Escalators
            Energy Supply Distribution and managment Supplies
            Infection control system
            Water Treatment systems
            3D Medical Services
              Contact Person:
              Address: Plus Convention Hall
              Postal Code:
              Tel: +91-9246472036
              Email: info@apmedicalexpo.com
              Website: www.apmedicalexpo.com

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