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            Gold Suppliers > Zhong ke Base Medical Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd > Emergency ventilator

            Contact: Mike
            Tel: 86-10-60801185
            Fax: 86-10-80308084

            Emergency ventilator

            Emergency ventilator
            • Brand Name : Basemed
            • Category : Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
            • Place of Origin : Beijing
            • Standard : 12.1 inch TFT color screen , big screen could show more information.
            • Supply Ability : 1000 sets per year
            • Performance and Composition : very stable performance, safe and reliable
            • Payment : T/T,L/C,western union
            • Scope : widely used in emergency, ICU room, operation room and internal medicine etc.
            • Description :
            • Features

              12.1 inch TFT color screen , big screen could show more information.
              Screen could be rotated freely, suitable to operate at any angle and height    
              Integrated expiration module could be sterilized whole, ensure use safely and no cross-infection.
              Expiration valve adopt no-water design, guarantee the precious detection.
              Could show Paw-t銆丗low-t銆乂olume-t銆丳aw-V銆丗low-V five waveform at the same time, also could show one or several waveform according to our operation.
              Curve size, time scale, pressure-flow ratio adjustable, watch the details more good.   
              Curve pause function, could watch details.
              Sensitive flow, pressure two trigger function, could effect at a same time.
              Build-in inspiratory and expiration flow sensor, durable and water coagulation resistant.
              Automatically inspiratory synchronous nebulizing function, nebulizing time adjustable;
              100% Oxygen inspiratory function, oxygen inspiratory time is adjustable.
              Three-level visual and audible alarm, with concise words describing problems
              Alarm record with clearance function , could record the last 100 pieces of information, show alarm grade, alarm time and the alarm parameter.
              Pressure, volume, time respiratory mode security, could inspect pressure in inspiratory phase, volume, time exceed the regulated value, turn into expiratory, ensure patient safety.
              Volume security function, keep the minimum tidal volume in pressure mode.
              Adjust MMV function automatically, adjust inspiratory pressure and breathing frequency, approaching the target tidal volume and minute ventilator.
              Low noise medical air Compressor, very stable performance, safe and reliable.
              VGA connector could output the screen signal to other screen
              High quality trolley with concise structure and good appearance, easy to assembly and detach. 


              Operating Modes
              Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
              Assisted/Controlled Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV),                     
              Assisted/Controlled Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV),
              Mandatory Minute Ventilation (MMV)
              Continuous Positive Airway Pressure錛圕PAP錛?br />Backup apnea ventilation             

              Application scope: Pediatric and adult
              Driven mode: pneumatically driven and electronically controlled
              Display錛?2.1 TFT screen
              Working mode: Pressure and volume
              Ventilation wave type: squire wave, deceleration wave
              FiO2: 21% to 100%
              PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 40 cmH2O
              Inspiratory Sensitivity:
              Flow triggered: 0.5 to 20 L/min, OFF
              Pressure triggered: -1 to -20 cmH2O, OFF                                

              Tidal Volume: 20 to 2000 mL
              Breath frequency: 1 to 100 bpm
              I:E Ratio: 5.0 : 1 to 1 : 5.0
              Inspiratory plateau: 0 to 50%
              Inspiratory Flow Wave Shape(VCV): Rectangular wave and Decelerating wave
              SIGH: 1.0 to 2.0
              Breath frequency(SIMV): 2 to 40bpm
              Inspiratory time (SIMV): 0.1 to 12 S
              Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV): 0 to 40 cmH2O
              Expiratory Sensitivity for PSV : 10% to 75% of the initial flow
              Maximum Inspiratory time (PSV): 1.0 to 8.0 S
              Pressure Control Ventilation(PCV): 0 to 40 cmH2O
              Minimum Tidal Volume(PCV and PSV): 50 to 1500 mL                                       
              Backup Rate (PSV): 2 to 40 bpm
              Object Tidal Volume(MMV): 20 to 2000 mL
              Ventilation volume(MMV): 0.5 to 40.0 L/min
              Nebulizer time: 30 minutes

              Breathing wave: Pressure vs time curve錛孎low vs time curve,Volume vs time curve錛孭ressure vs volume loops,Flow vs volume loops
              Expiratory tidal volume:,
              Breath frequency(bpm),
              Insipiratory Tidal volume(TV_Insp):             
              I:E ratio:
              Airway Pressure
              Minute Ventilation,
              Oxygen concentration                                         

              High tidal volume alarm
              Low tidal volume alarm
              High minute ventilation alarm
              Low minute ventilation alarm
              High breathing frequency alarm
              Low breathing frequency alarm
              High peak pressure alarm
              Low peak pressure alarm                                           
              High PEEP pressure alarm
              Low PEEP pressure alarm

              High oxygen concentration alarm
              Low oxygen concentration alarm
              Apnea alarm
              AC power fail alarm
              Air source Low pressure alarm
              Oxygen source low pressure alarm
              Battery disconnect alarm
              Low battery alarm
              Circle leakage alarm
              Circle block alarm

              Main power: from 85 to 265VAC 47-63HZ
              AC/DC switch automatically
              Internal battery: 12VDC; 7AH
              Automatic recharge.
              Estimated duration: more than 2 hours when completely charged.
              The display shows an icon with the charge level.

              Oxygen: pressure 2.8 to 6 bar ISO5359 connector
              Air: pressure 2.8 to 6 bar ISO 5359 connector

              Why do you choose us ?

              A)Who we are?

              Vaporizer,Ventilator and portable anesthesia machine manufacturing specialist.

              The Biggest Anesthesia Vaporizer Producer In China.

              The Only Machining Center of China Anesthesia&Ventilator Parts Precessing System.

              B)Basmed Certificate CE0482 and ISO13485

              C)Basemed After Service

              Plz link to this錛?a >http://www.cnbasemed.com/Service-index.html

              Respond in 2 hours, solve the problem in 48 hours

              Training Course will be arranged freely at our office.

              Training at customer’s office is available

              10 years parts Service available.

              life-long free calibration service for basemed anesthesia vaporizer

              D)Who buy our products?

              Basemed products have export to more than 65 countries,the mainly market include:U.S錛孏ermany錛孭oland錛孯omania錛孖ndia, South Africa錛孶kraine, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Jordan, Rwanda, Egypt, Australia etc.

              In China錛寃e have build 17 offices,

              ICU Ventilator has been sold about 5000 units in the mainland market.

              Portable anesthsia machine has been sold about 2000 units

              Most anestheisa vaporizers from hospital are from basemed,we have supplied about one hundred thousand in the china market.

            Contact Info
            Contact: Mike
            Tel: 86-10-60801185
            Email錛?/td> info@cnbasemed.com
            Fax錛?/td> 86-10-80308084
            Web site錛?/td> http://www.cnbasemed.com
            Add錛?/td> No.74,Dazicaowucun South,Yancun Town,Fangshan District,Bejjing,102412,P.R.China.
            P.C.錛?/td> 102412
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